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Furnished living!

Aachen apartments for rent

You have to stay for two or three months in Aachen? Then you search for a place to live! A place "ready to go"! The best solution will be a furnished apartment Aachen! You donít have to buy all the furniture, you donít have to buy a coffee maschine or even spoons! Our flat is completely equipped and ready to live.

Furnished apartment

Our flat has already all the furniture you need to have a great stay. What kind of furniture is in the apartment? Here we go:

  1. double bed
  2. wardrobe
  3. closet
  4. kitchen (complete)
  5. Refrigerator
  6. working table
  7. chairs
  8. lamps
  9. sideborads

Apartment Aachen

Furnished apartments

Also Internet and television

You donít need to buy anything, even the internet and a big television set (smart tv) is in the apartment. You donít need to make a contract with an internet provider, because everything is already booked! You just check in and can live and work in Aachen.

Perfect location

Our flat is in the city center of that lovely town. You can walk in 750 meters to the famous "Aachener Dom" and the shopping area. Visit all interesting places of Aachen by foot. You donít need a car or even public transportation.


You can rent that apartment for 699 Euro per month. Included are all costs like: electricity, water, heating, internet and tv. You have your own full equiped and furnished apartment in Aachen! The minimum booking is 3 months. You are welcome!

Rent per month 750 EUR
Size 27m≤
Minimum 3 months
Costs all included
Available from 01.01.2024

How do we make the deal?

How can we sign a leasing contract? We just make everything by email! You contcact us, with your prefered rental time and if it is possible, we make a leasing contract and send it to you by email. The contract is a original pdf file scan, which you also sign and send the scan back to us. Also needed are copies of the passport. You can send us a email to:

Interesting places

As we wrote, you can walk to most of the interesting places of the town. Here is a small list of all interesting or famous buildings and companies nearby our appartment:

  1. RWTH University
  2. Suermondt Ludwig Museum
  3. Theater
  4. cathedral
  5. Couven Museum
  6. Centre Charlemangne
  7. International newspaper museum
  8. market place
  9. Aquis plaza
  10. main train station
  11. Kurgarden
  12. Westpark
  13. Puppenbrunnen
  14. Elisenbrunnen

Smart TV Apartment




Easy way

If you have to stay for some months in the so called "Kaiserstadt", then just send us an email. We make you a non binding offer and you can choose, what ever you want. Everything is ready for you, just have to pay the rent and enter a "ready to life" home! Welcome to germany!

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